The Apcera Platform

The Apcera Platform offers fine-grained security services and pervasive policy linked with enforcement. It is designed to meet the needs of the modern enterprise that requires both agile application development and robust governance.

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Key Features

The Apcera Platform has all the features needed to get started with microservices-based applications as well as the crucial features need by businesses for enterprise-grade functionality and scale.

Why Apcera?
  • • Integration with identity management and authentication systems (LDAP, OAuth, Crowd)
  • • Full support for distributed infrastructure and hybrid-cloud environments
  • • Networked, high-throughput load balancing for enterprise-grade scalability
  • • IPsec for fully encrypted communication within the cluster
  • • High availability of platform management & control components
  • • Dedicated Apcera Enterprise customer support

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Catherine Candland

Chief Executive Officer, nextSource

"Apcera is allowing us to develop faster, develop more specifically, and focus on the things that our customers want today."