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Legacy Application Modernization: Bringing Business Critical Applications to the Cloud

While cloud adoption is one of the fastest growing trends in IT, most enterprises still spend significant time and resources managing legacy applications. Legacy applications and architectures are more costly and cumbersome to maintain than their cloud native counterparts; however, these applications are core to the business and can not be abandoned.

The challenge is to develop a strategy to modernize legacy applications by removing infrastructure dependencies so you can take full advantage of the benefits of the cloud and microservices architecture—without disrupting the business.

Listen to microservices expert David Williams, Principal at Williams & Garcia LLC, and Henry Stapp, Director of Product at Apcera, as they:

  • Explain the challenges of maintaining legacy applications.
  • Explore the pros and cons of various modernization approaches.
  • Answer your questions and provide recommendations for legacy application modernization.

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David Williams
Principal, Williams & Garcia LLC


Henry Stapp
Director of Product, Apcera