Networking in an Advanced Policy-Based Infrastructure Platform

A platform must be able to accommodate a wide variety of workloads to be useful to the enterprises of today. Any single company will have a whole host of languages, frameworks and software architectures in flight at any one time powering their business. From legacy to microservice-based applications and everything in between, all have to be embraced at the same time.

Apcera offers a platform that takes on this challenge cross-public and private infrastructures. Not only does it handle a diverse set of workloads hosted on and off-prem in private and public clouds, but it does so with a policy engine at its core. This lets an network operations group set policies to control the network access to, from and within the system while still allowing the users to configure the connectivity they need without any manual intervention. The platform handles this independent of where application are actually run and handles the intricacies associated with keeping network traffic flowing even when workloads fail. This paper discusses the features of the platform that make this all possible.

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