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Legacy Application Modernization with the Apcera Platform

Until now, the options for modernizing legacy applications have been limited to refactoring, re-writing or replacing the app. These efforts are expensive, require extensive developer commitment, suffer from scope creep and don’t show value quickly. Often they fail entirely.

Smart enterprises are embracing a better approach—modernizing their legacy application environments. With the right tool, they see immediate benefits around security, portability, operability, and a substantial cost savings.

The Apcera Platform is that tool. Apcera delivers measurable value from legacy application modernization in days, not months or years, at a fraction of the cost and complexity of traditional modernization projects.

Apcera is an agile, open and trusted software abstraction layer designed to deploy, orchestrate and govern virtually any application – legacy or cloud-native. Built using modern technologies & architectures, Apcera sits on top of any cloud/ infrastructure type or vendor – public cloud, private cloud or bare metal – allowing customers to run legacy applications on Apcera instead of directly on the infrastructure.

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