Common Industry Terms

Common Industry Terms

What is SaaS?

The infrastructure and platform layer are designed to support and run applications, and these applications are the lifeblood for most businesses. The application layer consists of software technology that serves internal users (e.g. business units or employees) or external users—the customer.

PaaS and traditional cloud stack

IT organizations are usually divided into developers and operations teams. The developers focus on creating new innovative applications and the operations teams focus on using the right infrastructure and platform tools to provide a stable, secure and scalable environment for the application.

Just like with infrastructure and platform, not all applications need to be developed in-house. In fact, many applications are more economically viable and efficient when offered “as-a-service”. Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is the term referring to cloud native applications that are created and hosted by a 3rd party vendor. For example, instead of running an email server and managing an in-house proprietary CRM software, companies can use Gmail for Business and Leveraging SaaS keeps IT teams focused on innovating their own applications to better serve customers.

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