Common Industry Terms

Common Industry Terms

What is IaaS?

Infrastructure (IaaS) is viewed at the foundation of data centers and the cloud. In the early years, mainframes powered monolithic applications. Rack servers offered power and performance at a lower price point. Virtualization extended the life of hardware and optimized the value of hardware investments by allowing a single server operate as multiple servers.

PaaS and traditional cloud stack

Enterprises still operate their own hardware in their data centers, but are also beginning to leverage public cloud offerings. Public cloud refers to managed infrastructure solutions where resources (computer, network, storage) can be purchased from a vendor. This model removes Capex completely and shifts the spending to Opex which is generally far less than building and maintaining your own data center or cloud infrastructure. Leveraging both private data centers and the public cloud is known as hybrid cloud. It gives enterprises the choice between their private, highly-controlled environment and the public, more affordable environment.

The infrastructure layer offers raw compute that needs to be configured for your cloud workloads. IT Operations team would manage the configuration of the hardware, virtualization and platform layers to provide environments that developers could use to test, deploy and scale their applications.

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