From Monolithic Applications to Microservices: IT Innovation for the Modern Enterprise

Transform an Overly Complex IT Infrastructure into an Agile Microservices Architecture

Hear from nextSource CTO Juan Garcia to learn how the workforce staffing solutions provider transformed an overly complex IT infrastructure by adopting a new microservices architecture.

nextSource modernized its infrastructure with the Apcera trusted cloud platform to build in policy and governance at the core of their business and across all applications and services for their clients in the higher education, e-commerce/retail, financial services and healthcare industries. A trust-first approach to IT innovation accelerates business value and go-to-market strategies for nextSource and their team of developers, who experienced a 6x lift in development. With Apcera, nextSource can now create highly scalable and customizable products for customers while ensuring that sensitive and proprietary data is secure and compliant.

In this recording, we share nextSource’s best practices—for on-premises infrastructure, private cloud, public cloud or multi-cloud environments—to increase trust and enterprise flexibility.

  • Assess legacy applications, outdated infrastructure and disparate development tools to determine new methodologies for agile development.
  • Identify opportunities to standardize and accelerate orchestration and deployment processes.
  • Enable diverse workloads and workload portability by implementing a foundation of policy and governance to eliminate security risks.

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Juan Garcia

Juan Garcia
CTO, nextSource

Peter Fray

Peter Fray
Sr. Solutions Consultant, Apcera