Is Cultural Alignment Killing Innovation in IT? [Survey Data]

Developers and ITOps are wired differently. Developers care about speed and agility while ITOps focuses on stability and security. In theory, these concepts aren’t mutually exclusive; however, in practice it’s a different story. The tension between these teams is well-documented, and it’s detrimental to the business to operate without alignment within the IT organization.

To create alignment, you first have to understand the root cause of the tension—and understand it from the perspective of developers and ITOps. And that’s what we did.

Using Policy to Control a Geographically Separated Cluster

Greetings from the Cloud! Modern cloud platforms provide a solution for applications to run in geographically separated regions. The video below takes a look at how the Apcera Platform’s policy engine allows IT operations to control where applications run and how to isolate services such as a database to a geographic region.

How Policy Would Have Prevented Target’s Data Breach

In 2013’s highly publicized Target breach, hackers gained access to tens of millions of customer credit card records stored on a point-of-sale (POS) system network belonging to Target Corporation. In this case, as in other similar attacks, the hackers used an open “back door” to access customer data. Target, like any number of large companies, has many partners and suppliers with which it exchanges parts, pricing and related information every day via online data communications. One of Target’s vendors, an HVAC services supplier, unwittingly ended up being the back door the bad guys used.

How to Secure Containers and Microservices [InfoWorld]

Cloud computing is more accessible than ever before; however, it creates new and more advanced risks for all types of businesses. This fact alone is why so many successful businesses still use legacy architecture. It feels safe; they know it works (for now). It is hard to move all of your infrastructure, applications and data to something that demands new security practices, right? Especially when you don’t trust everything remains secure before, during and after the migration.

Top Ten Reasons I Love Working at Apcera

Editor’s Note: You may have heard of the acclaimed Apcerian, Martha Soto. She’s made her mark on all of us a thousand times over the past year. Martha is an expert in reviving the lost art of etiquette. She greets every employee or guest with a warm “good morning” or “good afternoon” and a smile. She always has fresh flowers on her desk. And, over the holidays, she motivated Team Apcera to be number one in toy donations.