Editing Policy In Real-Time

If you've talked to someone from Apcera at any point, chances are you've heard us mention "policy" at some point—perhaps repeatedly. We tend to talk a great deal about it because it provides an excellent way to frame the conversation around what is allowed to run (and by whom), what resources can it consume, where it is running and what can that thing talk to/who can talk to it.

Is Network Ingress or Egress More Important to Your Security?

If you are ever in a hotel bar with a several people who do security for a living and you have some time to kill, ask one of them whether they think ingress (incoming connections to) or egress (outgoing connections from) systems are a greater threat to security. If your spark catches the tinder just right, you may be able to start a multi-hour debate amongst all of the bar denizens.


Why Apcera & Why Now?

You might be wondering, "what is Apcera doing that Mark found so interesting?” Those of you who have been participating in the industry with me, following my twitter feed or reading my blogs will know that I’ve had a fascination with the strategic business value of cloud for many years now. Some of you who were paying closer attention might have noticed that I was a very early adopter of the idea that enterprises would end up needing to manage a heterogeneous application delivery environment (aka hybrid). In fact, I’ve been thinking hybrid since 2009.

How I Used Apcera to Hack the Weather… and Win the Prize

The scene at the Georgia State Educational Technology Fair was total chaos. My fellow competitors were frantically setting up and testing their projects before showing them to the judges. I was setting up a compute cluster with a half-dozen microservices on a MacBook Pro and I had only 10 minutes to deploy and prepare. But man, that’s my idea of fun!