Liar Liar Pants on Fire. The Broken Promises of the Cloud

The promise of the cloud is what initially captured my attention and affections. The promise of freedom (No more vendor lock-in! Portability!). The promise of flexibility (Rapidly scale applications in real time!). The promise that I could do all of this without sacrificing security or control. Essentially, the cloud was promising a better way of doing things. And, to some extent, the cloud delivered. But not in the way it was promised or in the way I expected. Once I was in the trenches, I realized that there was a huge gap between the promises and the reality.

Building a Trusted Fabric for Containers with Kubernetes

As you may have read, Apcera will be integrating with Kubernetes to provide a trusted fabric for containers. This is a BIG DEAL for us and a big bet on the future of cloud computing. It comes after I joined the Governing Board of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation - the recently new custodian of Kubernetes - to become more personally involved in the project.

Here’s the backstory.

Policy Demonstration with the Apcera Platform

A typical PaaS solution creates an infrastructure for developers like myself to deploy applications in a containerized environment. I like to think of this as the core concept. A truly enterprise-ready system needs to think beyond this standard core concept and consider policy and governance mechanisms that can scale throughout the entire enterprise and across different clouds. The video below will provide an overview of policy as well as demonstrate the implementation on the Apcera Platform.

KubeCon 2015: Reflections, Presentations and the Future

The turnout of the first KubeCon really speaks to the Kubernetes ecosystem and community. The conference was not a Google event, but instead was put on by Kismatic, one of the companies that is a part of the Kubernetes ecosystem. Its attendance was sold out, and had an amazing turnout of people. They had wide variety of speakers and companies talking about how they’re deploying, using and contributing to Kubernetes. Speakers came from companies like Google, Engine Yard, RedHat, Intel, Samsung, CoreOS, and eBay to name a few.

Why Your Organization Needs a Policy Aware Platform

As organizations maintain diverse workloads across multi-cloud environments, IT and Ops teams are often challenged with balancing the speed of innovation with the need for security and control in development to deployment and production.

Concerns intensify when teams also consider that sensitive business data now lives inside Docker containers.

The Apcera platform bridges this development-production gap with a policy aware platform that enables secure workloads and containers to run smoothly in enterprise production environments.

Apcera Debuts Hybrid Cloud Operating System

In my most recent blogs, I explained what the hybrid cloud is, and why, despite its popularity, many enterprises are feeling frustrated about their deployments. The problem, I noted, is that hybrid cloud rarely lives up to the promise of improving agility and reducing costs because you need more people to manage the various clouds and manual processes to tie those together.

But what if there was some way to tie all these various layers of IT resources – both on premise and in various public clouds – together, so that enterprises could get the benefits they’re expecting?

Hybrid Cloud Defined

Many enterprises today assume that by moving to the cloud they will be able to improve their agility, shift or reduce costs, and drive more innovation. But the limitations associated with both public and private clouds have resulted in these moves not living up to such high expectations. Now, in an attempt to get the best of both worlds, many organizations are adopting a hybrid cloud strategy.

Ecosystem Expansion: A Seamless Move from Cloud to On Premise

Back in the day,’s early explosive growth was attributed to the fact that they’d leveraged their customer relationship management (CRM) data with a web presence, offering different services that customers could interact with in a very prescribed way.

Introducing Apcera's Webinar Series

From the beginning, we at Apcera have been dedicated to solving some of the toughest enterprise IT challenges. Starting this month, we’re launching a live webinar series to show Continuum’s value add for your IT stack and what it can help you accomplish as developers, devops, and leaders in your IT organization.