Pushing Containers Past the Experimentation Phase at OpenStack Silicon Valley

So you think you want to use containers in production? The world of DevOps is being disrupted at an amazingly fast rate, much of which is being driven by the introduction of containers into enterprise infrastructure. Containers have deep roots in the developer community, but if containers are going to make their way past the experimentation phase and into production environments, then a fundamental shift needs to occur that promotes an equilibrium of control between DevOps having what they want and ITOps having the safety and trust they need.

Bringing Security to Open Source with Mirantis OpenStack

Apcera has long been a supporter of the open source community. But one of the criticisms about open source solutions is that they don't deliver the same level of security and governance as proprietary commercial offerings. We're tackling that perception head on, as today at the OpenStack Summit in Vancouver, we announced that the Apcera Hybrid Cloud Operating System is now available for Mirantis OpenStack users.

OpenStack and the Apcera Hybrid Cloud OS – Discover More at Next Week's OpenStack Summit

Ever wondered how to leverage OpenStack in public or hybrid cloud environments? If you're curious, we invite you to join us next week in Vancouver, British Columbia, for the OpenStack Summit. During the event – which runs from May 18 to May 22 – we will be doing presentations about how our hybrid cloud operating system (HCOS) can be used to bring seamless and secure cross-cloud functionality.