Real-time Monitoring and Management of Workloads Using Events

Traditionally we have seen developers writing applications and ITOps managing and monitoring those applications in production. Though engineers on both sides don’t like to step on each others toes, one side is dependent on the other for running those applications in production with near zero downtime. Both have to coordinate with each other regarding capacity planning, easily comprehensible log messages and horizontal and vertical scalability of an application in production.

Mark Thiele States Don't Forget to Invest in Your IT

Quick! Which is cheaper? The public cloud or on-premises infrastructure?

Not so fast. Before you scoff and say “Public cloud, naturally,” you might want to hear what Mark Thiele, Apcera’s Chief Strategy Officer, recently had to say on the subject.

Innovation or Security? Pick One. [Survey Data]

IT organizations face a dilemma: focus on innovation (while introducing risk) or focus on security (while stifling innovation). It seems that most companies haven’t found a way to have their cake and eat it too.

In this survey series we’ve already explored how cultural alignment and technology challenges affect innovation. In this installment we’ll analyze the response to our question about security.

Is Cultural Alignment Killing Innovation in IT? [Survey Data]

Developers and ITOps are wired differently. Developers care about speed and agility while ITOps focuses on stability and security. In theory, these concepts aren’t mutually exclusive; however, in practice it’s a different story. The tension between these teams is well-documented, and it’s detrimental to the business to operate without alignment within the IT organization.

To create alignment, you first have to understand the root cause of the tension—and understand it from the perspective of developers and ITOps. And that’s what we did.

Taking Control with a Hybrid Cloud Operating System

2015 is being billed by many in the industry as the "Year of the Hybrid Cloud". If your company isn’t already implementing a hybrid cloud strategy, you’re probably considering how you can best leverage your on-premise infrastructure and public cloud offerings to cut costs and improve agility.