Using Golang for Virtual Machine Management

Here at Apcera, we are gophers. We use Golang for building distributed systems across many different public and private cloud infrastructures. On AWS, Azure, Digital Ocean, OpenStack and VMware, Golang makes distributing a single cross-compiled binary trivial. Compile-time checks reduce bugs in our code. The concurrency primitives make writing concurrent software easy. We’re also constantly looking for ways to simplify the installation of the Apcera Platform. There are really good virtual machine management libraries for other programming languages like Python, Java and Ruby.

Docker and littleBits Ask, “What Can You Assemble?”

I had a medium-sized existential crisis at DockerCon. I love event season—looking up from our screens, meeting Twitter friends IRL, and hearing directly from folks in the weeds what their current challenges are and what their approach is to solving them, for better or worse.

GoSF Meetup - Talking about How to Manage Identity in Distributed Systems

Rarely a week goes by that you don’t hear about some failure of corporate security in the news. Complicated IT setups in disarray after years of incremental steps toward newer technologies leave many attack vectors where malicious parties can access user and/or customer data. Worse yet, many of these products are difficult to configure, meaning that default passwords are often never changed and users can easily access privileged systems with ease.