Deploying ASP.NET Core Applications on Apcera

Historically, most .NET applications have run on Windows. In fact, many people are still surprised to hear that some .NET applications can run on Linux. But that has actually been the case since 2004 when the open source project Mono 1.0 was released. Since 2014, .NET developers can also deploy some .NET applications to Linux using the .NET Core and ASP.NET Core frameworks. ASP.NET Core unites the previously separate ASP.NET MVC and Web API frameworks into a single programming model; it can run on both .NET Core and on the full .NET Framework.

Real-time Monitoring and Management of Workloads Using Events

Traditionally we have seen developers writing applications and ITOps managing and monitoring those applications in production. Though engineers on both sides don’t like to step on each others toes, one side is dependent on the other for running those applications in production with near zero downtime. Both have to coordinate with each other regarding capacity planning, easily comprehensible log messages and horizontal and vertical scalability of an application in production.

Editing Policy In Real-Time

If you've talked to someone from Apcera at any point, chances are you've heard us mention "policy" at some point—perhaps repeatedly. We tend to talk a great deal about it because it provides an excellent way to frame the conversation around what is allowed to run (and by whom), what resources can it consume, where it is running and what can that thing talk to/who can talk to it.

How I Used Apcera to Hack the Weather… and Win the Prize

The scene at the Georgia State Educational Technology Fair was total chaos. My fellow competitors were frantically setting up and testing their projects before showing them to the judges. I was setting up a compute cluster with a half-dozen microservices on a MacBook Pro and I had only 10 minutes to deploy and prepare. But man, that’s my idea of fun!

Innovation or Security? Pick One. [Survey Data]

IT organizations face a dilemma: focus on innovation (while introducing risk) or focus on security (while stifling innovation). It seems that most companies haven’t found a way to have their cake and eat it too.

In this survey series we’ve already explored how cultural alignment and technology challenges affect innovation. In this installment we’ll analyze the response to our question about security.