Apcera Gives Back: Our Community Involvement

In the last couple of months, Apcera has launched initiatives to assess and take responsibility for our corporate footprint, including a greener office space and a focus social responsibility. As a team, we have volunteered with San Francisco organizations in the past and enjoyed working together to make a difference. After our last visit to Glide Memorial, many of my fellow Apcerians approached me with questions. “When can we volunteer next?” “What other organizations could we work with?” “Could we be doing more?”.

Top Ten Reasons I Love Working at Apcera

Editor’s Note: You may have heard of the acclaimed Apcerian, Martha Soto. She’s made her mark on all of us a thousand times over the past year. Martha is an expert in reviving the lost art of etiquette. She greets every employee or guest with a warm “good morning” or “good afternoon” and a smile. She always has fresh flowers on her desk. And, over the holidays, she motivated Team Apcera to be number one in toy donations.

Building the Apcera Community

By far the most common question I get when interviewing candidates is "What is your favorite part about Apcera" and my answer is always the same: "the people"

I go on to explain that at Apcera, we encourage each other to run with our ideas. We celebrate our differences and know that doing so benefits our team, product and culture. I want to hire someone because they think differently and bring new ideas to the table, and encourage their peers to as well.

Awarding Exceptional Leadership

Here at Apcera we like to acknowledge the achievements of our employees. It’s always great when they are recognized outside of our walls for the work they do. We take special pride when one of our own is recognized by others for his or her contributions and leadership.

Today our COO Jan Plutzer is being honored as the 2015 Female Executive of the Year at the Women in Business and the Professions World Awards, for her leadership both at our company and in the community.

TEDWomen: Leadership Takes Root When You Become a Problem Solver

There are some experiences in life that leave a strong impression on you. For me one of those was the recent TEDWomen conference in Monterey. It was the first time I’ve had the opportunity to attend a TED event and, since returning, I’ve frequently thought back to various types of leadership exhibited by several speakers there.

A Nod to the Past and a Look to the Future

The Apcera Team

This week marks another significant milestone for Apcera, as we move to our new headquarters at 140 New Montgomery St. in San Francisco to accommodate the growth in our staff ranks, and ensure we have the space to continue expansion in the future. This new step for the company has caused me to reflect on how far we’ve come in just three years, and also look ahead to where we see Apcera going in the future.

Building a World-Class Team

The past six months here at Apcera have been marked by explosive growth, as we’ve expanded our ranks by 200 percent to support the launch of our hybrid cloud operating system (HCOS). And it will continue, as we expect to grow by another 30 percent before the end of this year. For companies growing as quickly as us, we need to not only hire fast, we need to hire smart. While we believe in hiring the most qualified person for any given job, there are several other characteristics that carry just as much weight in our decision-­making process. Yes, education, ability and experience matter.