Treating Legacy Apps as a First‑class Citizen

At Apcera we believe that legacy applications should always run as first class citizens within your modern infrastructure. This means that it’s critical for all apps to be united by a single policy, governance and security fabric to ensure that best practices are automated within your environment. Most enterprises today—even those using modern technologies like containers—are still reliant on business critical applications born from code that could be well over a decade old.

Containers Aren't Enough

Driven by the popularity of Docker, the idea of running applications in containers is gaining ground, as both developers and system operators see the benefits this can deliver. These benefits include a more consistent run time, and faster, more efficient, modular app development. However, while on the surface there is great promise for containers, potential adopters must take into consideration several overarching capabilities that are required before container technology can be widely deployed in an organization.

Taking Control with a Hybrid Cloud Operating System

2015 is being billed by many in the industry as the "Year of the Hybrid Cloud". If your company isn’t already implementing a hybrid cloud strategy, you’re probably considering how you can best leverage your on-premise infrastructure and public cloud offerings to cut costs and improve agility.