Product and Demos

Apcera Platform 3.0 is Here

The Apcera Platform 3.0 release is now available! We’ve bumped the major version number to reflect the significant changes in our platform and its architecture, some of which you’ll see in this release and more to come in our follow-up releases.

Deploying ASP.NET Core Applications on Apcera

Historically, most .NET applications have run on Windows. In fact, many people are still surprised to hear that some .NET applications can run on Linux. But that has actually been the case since 2004 when the open source project Mono 1.0 was released. Since 2014, .NET developers can also deploy some .NET applications to Linux using the .NET Core and ASP.NET Core frameworks. ASP.NET Core unites the previously separate ASP.NET MVC and Web API frameworks into a single programming model; it can run on both .NET Core and on the full .NET Framework.

Announcing Legacy Application Modernization Live Workshops

It is an exciting (and stressful) time to work in IT. The IT organization is challenged to maintain the existing applications and infrastructure that power the business, and is pressured to adopt modern, cloud-based technologies to deliver scale and agility, or cut costs.

The journey to the cloud (and cloud-native technologies, like containers) is the biggest transformation in IT since virtualization—and is far greater in scope and magnitude. Migrating existing workloads to the cloud is complex and can disrupt the business if not treated carefully. This is where Apcera comes in.

Overcoming Docker Storage Challenges with the Apcera Platform

Of all of the challenges inherent in running Docker in production, this is probably the one that is the least “solved”. Containers are great for “stateless” situations right out of the box where the workload doesn’t have to access data already stored some place or write data that persists some place to be used after it has shuffled off this mortal coil.

Use Your Existing CI/CD Tools with Apcera

I am excited to share a new video I just recorded. The video shows how you can leverage your existing Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) tools with the Apcera Platform.

Editing Policy In Real-Time

If you've talked to someone from Apcera at any point, chances are you've heard us mention "policy" at some point—perhaps repeatedly. We tend to talk a great deal about it because it provides an excellent way to frame the conversation around what is allowed to run (and by whom), what resources can it consume, where it is running and what can that thing talk to/who can talk to it.

Is Network Ingress or Egress More Important to Your Security?

If you are ever in a hotel bar with a several people who do security for a living and you have some time to kill, ask one of them whether they think ingress (incoming connections to) or egress (outgoing connections from) systems are a greater threat to security. If your spark catches the tinder just right, you may be able to start a multi-hour debate amongst all of the bar denizens.